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The Korda Group / RPK Development prides itself in providing asset owners with individualized services to meet their objectives. Our management team has successfully reduced operating costs through the first year of management. Operating costs are closely monitored and economy of scale pricing is established. We are experienced in all aspects of capital improvements, building and grounds renovations and tenant improvement projects. Through our subsidiary – Korda Construction Co. – a California licensed and bonded General Contactor – we streamline all projects and create savings to owners.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Services Include

Management of Services To Residential Property Owners

  • Advertising and marketing your property.
  • Screening tenants’ applications.
  • Negotiating and executing your leases.
  • Hiring and supervising on-site staff.
  • Overseeing daily management and maintenance of your property.
  • Negotiating service contracts with vendors.
  • Negotiating special repair projects with contractors.
  • Supervising all contracted services and special projects.
  • Handling of all fiscal aspects of your property using sophisticated software specially designed to your property’s needs.
  • Providing owners with a comprehensive package of financial reporting.
  • Specializing in management of Government Housing and properties regulated by other local authorities.
  • Handling tenants’ certifications and documentation required by the authorities.
  • Following all agencies regulations and programs related to your property.
  • Providing compliance reporting to HUD and various agencies and authorities.
  • Preparing your property for various inspections and communicating results with the various agencies.
  • Maintaining your property in the highest possible level of compliance as directed by the authorities and assisting the owner in achieving highest scores.
  • Assisting owners with financial audits and refinancing.

Commercial Property Management Services

design and develop a construction plan

  • Building maintenance
  • Lease administration
  • Tenant retention programs
  • Budgeting
  • Property accounting
  • Vendor management and contract administration
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Construction management
  • CAM and operating expense estimates & reconciliation
  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Providing owners with a comprehensive package of financial reporting using a sophisticated, customized accounting software program